Looking for Beachy DIY Christmas Ornaments: Easy, Inexpensive, and CUTE?

diy-christmas-ornaments-easy Group of completed ornaments for parent gifts

Sometimes you need a simple checklist for DIY Christmas ornaments; easy – Affordable – CUTE!

Often I find that the ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments involve skills and equipment that most of us don't have! 😉 So, if you love the idea of creating EASY DIY Christmas ornaments with photos for your classroom parent gifts or for your own kids – look no further! (They are also affordable and cute!)

These easy DIY ornaments are perfect for an ocean or under-the-sea theme, a beach trip, or even a lake house vacation. And, they are kindergarten teacher (who is limited in the execution of crafts) approved!

easy DIY Christmas ornaments

Every year our school comes up with a theme. We've had circus, camp, and space, and this year is all about any and everything under the sea. I always love to create unique DIY ornaments with photos for the parents to have as a keepsake. This year, one of my teammates was at Hobby Lobby and texted, “THEY HAVE A SALE ON ORNAMENTS!” They were the extra large, fillable, plastic ones – and we texted back, “GET THEM ALL!!”

Now, did we know what we were going to do with them yet? Nope.

  • We thought about adding sand…too heavy.
  • We thought about turning them into scuba divers…but wouldn't see their cute faces.
  • Maybe mermaids? Um…that was going to present a LOT of obstacles.

Ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments

The three of us on the kindergarten team sat there and thought. Jenny, who usually has the best execution of all things crafty, was even having an off day. She actually managed to inhale glitter. (Jackie and I may or may not have laughed and pointed.)

We finally decided we would bring in an oversized inner tube, have the kids sit in it and make their best face, and then somehow figure out how to make it appear that they were floating. Yup. Did we manage it? Read on to find out!

Supplies and Steps to get Started

supplies: glitter, blue paint, paintbrush
a sample of how to paint the inside of the ornament
kindergarten-easy-crafts Ornament - plastic fillable painted blue inside
ornament string snap on
Do you love holiday playlists? ME TOO! Check out this soon-to-be new favorite!
easy-diy-ornament Example of photo for the inside of the ornament
diy-easy-ornaments cut out photo for the ornament
diy-christmas-ornaments-with-photos taping fishing line onto the back of the photo
writing name and date on the back of a photo for ornament
 taping the fishing line into the top of the ornament

We thought about having them write their name and the date on the backs of the photos AFTER we had already assembled them. That's something I'd have done differently!

 example of rolling photo to insert into ornament
diy-christmas-ornaments-easy finished sample of the ornament
supplies needed: ribbon and paint pens
ribbon laid out and pre-cut for ornaments
ocean assembly of an iridescent bow for an ocean-themed ornament
bows for ornaments
ribbon Bows ready to tie onto ornaments


Teachers! Do you know how those last weeks of school leading up to winter break are FULL of moments where you need a filler while assessing 1-on-1 in those lower grades or wrapping up all the MANY things on your plate?

Yeah. I hear ya! My kindergarteners LOVE these coloring sheets, not to mention the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th graders who stop in and grab some! Be sure to get your own – they're a FREE DOWNLOAD – plenty of versions!

Parents! The same goes for you! Once the kids get home from break – give the screens a rest, make some hot chocolate, put on the Hallmark channel, and get your color on together!

bows for ornaments
ideas-for-diy-christmas-ornaments-kindergarten a sample of a completed ornament

When I unwrap the ornaments for my tree each year, I love the ornaments that have their own special box. So, why not create that for this kindergarten keepsake too? These to-go take-out boxes are perfect! I had each child write their name on them, and then we created little fish out of their fingerprints. SO EASY. SO CUTE!

iOutside of to-go ornament boxes
ideas-for-diy-christmas-ornaments painting fish on the outside of the boxes with kid fingerprints
ideas-for-diy-christmas-ornaments putting an ornament in a to-go gift box
to-go-box finished parent gifts in to-go boxes with bows
 group of completed ornaments

And that's it! The kids were over the moon excited – or should I say – under the sea? 😉

Did you create ornaments in elementary school? I still have a little one I made in 3rd grade that my family deemed appropriate for the back of the tree – and there's one on a mason jar lid that has quite the history. Let me know in the comments!

easy-diy-ornament Funny teacher making a shocked face - astronaut ornament DIY
Beach/Under the Sea, not your thing? Check out these adorable DIY astronaut ornaments!

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