I love to laugh. I believe a smile is THE best medicine — whether I'm giving it or receiving it.  

I've been told I sing more than I talk, and that I live my life as if I'm in my own musical — but I don't know what they're taaaallllkkking (kick-ball-change) abooooouttt (big finish - JAZZ hands!).

I can sing every word to MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This." Take that. I was first published in Capt. D's magazine for lil schooner kids like me, and I'm pretty sure it was because I had red hair like he did. Oh...and I'm deeply scarred that I never got to play Annie. Long story. Many chapters. It even involves making a waitress at a Macaroni Grill belt out "Tomorrow." But TODAY....TODAY I'm glad YOU are here!

I'm a kindergarten teacher. 
I'm a singer/songwriter.
I'm a children's Book Author.
I'm a superaunt to...I've lost count.

I'm Kaci!

hi, friend!


Live on Sesame Street with my own reality show as the love child of Mr. Rogers and Miss Frizzle.  

alternate job

Real Housewives. Why can't I quit you?!

Guilty pleasure

Anthropologie. J.Crew. Bookstores. Oh my.

take my money

Cake cutting. Gift Wrapping.
Impersonations of my kindergarteners.

secret talent

Beach. But with an SPF 100, umbrella and a book.

Beach / Mountains

Loretta Lynn. Amy Grant. Beastie Boys. Anything 80s.

Personal Jam


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I cried at Mount Rushmore. I screamed when I saw Moulin Rouge. I burst into opera on the Ponte Vecchio. I was the dork in a beret at the Eiffel Tower holding a large baguette. Hawaii-Tokyo-Washington D.C.-Greece...I always turn into a 5-year-old with my mouth hanging open in awe at whatever I've finally seen with my own eyes. 

I love to Travel. And be weird.


Well...not roar really. More like a loud cheering for each and every one of my nieces and nephews. There are many. They are multiplying. I'm not complaining.  I need a picture of ALL of them together.  (Hint-Hint)

I'm A Super aunt. hear me roar.


And crazy glasses. Or headgear. Or a combo of said glasses and headgear. Blame it on being a kindergarten teacher. We dance to our own drums. But honestly I prefer tiny maracas.

My collection of onesies


Ahhhhh...BOOKS. I like to hold them in my hands. I like to turn the pages. I will read a book a day on the beach.
Kindles? Meh.
Bookmarks? They’re for quitters. 

Books & THe Beach. And spf 100+


Though they sound like an 80’s cop show,  they were actually named after Ken-TUCK-y, and the chickens they were chasing back to the...you guessed it. The COOP. 

The bird dog brothers, Tuck & Coop


He fishes. He wears camo and orange. He can quote movie lines like no other. He is a "FUN-cle." He is the best dog dad around. Oh...and he has some pretty fine dance moves.

My SIdekick-best friend-Hubs - JDUB (JW)


Just a few of the things that are prominently featured in my life.


Drinks without straws.

Mushrooms. No. Never. 

People LOUD talking on their phone. 


Dust. (Not “Another one bites the…”) Yuck.

Hate it


80's music. Always nice, nice, baby.

Route 44 Sonic Lime-aides. Extra Ice.

The Bachelor. Sorry, not sorry.

The Three Amigos & Carol Burnett.

My mom's birthday lasagna.

Love it