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I'm a kindergarten teacher, author, and Kindie artist who LOVES to create music that makes kids and their families spontaneously break into their best dance moves in their kitchens, their classrooms, and their cars - all the while sneaking in a positive message! If a song or story of mine can be a conversation starter, a brain break, or a tool to help build confidence and character, then I've been successful!  
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So, this girl moves to Nashville. 

Gets to play out her childhood dream of singing for a living - backup, center stage, and in studios all over town.

Then one day...


02 know how in the best dreams the scene can change drastically - BOOM - just like
that with no warning?  

Like a curve ball from left field?
Like a bolt from the blue?
Like a rap in a country song?




Just like that.

Just like that she became a kindergarten teacher.

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And it's just getting started.

And just as the best dreams can take you to a place you never knew existed...

A career mash-up of epic proportions took place. 

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"My husband sings in the plastic microphone while I play the piano. Jason and Eli play their Mickey Mouse guitars. We are one cool family rock band!"
-Renee, Paul, Jason, & Eli

The French family loves “Dare to be Me”

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If you’re a teacher, you are probably all too familiar with how hard it can be to focus on encouraging positive behavior in the classroom - especially when it feels like you are just trying to stay alive in the game of whack-a-mole chaos that IS every day. I FEEL YA.

Two Simple Kindergarten Classroom Management Ideas that Save the Day

It is debatable whether or not kids' songs for kids are actually grown-up-friendly.  (As in, friendly for a grown-up’s patience or tolerance level.) I am a music lover and spent many, many years as a full-time songwriter on Nashville's Music Row.

Why I Am Passionate About Writing and Performing Kids' Songs For Kids

Is everybody ready for kindergarten? That’s a question you may be asking yourself, and there is unfortunately not a one-size-fits-all answer. Through my many years of teaching kindergarten, I have had countless parents reach out with a myriad of kindergarten readiness questions.

Honest Answers to 5 of the Most-Asked Kindergarten Readiness Questions

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