Jen Jones

Jen Jones

"This book is every child! Perfectly imperfect illustrations with a solid message of self, spunk & sunshine, told in a snappy, happy rhyme! Dare to Be Me is validating & empowering!"


Author of "Our Class Is A family"

"Insightful and fun as it encourages self-expression, creativity, and living an authentic life, Dare to Be Me is a delightful picture book that celebrates the uniqueness of every child."

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Dare To Be Me 
Release date: 9-26-23

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Foreward Reviews

Dare To Be Me celebrates self-identity and individuality in the most colorfully delightful way! As readers engage in the whimsical illustrations and rhyme, they'll be encouraged to celebrate what makes them different, as well as be inspired to bravely march to their own unique tune.


Shannon Olsen

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A sweet new book with a heartfelt message.

Author of "Beautiful oops"

Barney Saltzburg


When we co-wrote the #1 hit song, Dare To Be Me...we KNEW it was special. 

I showed up to a songwriting session at my producer pal, Nathan's place.  Before he could tune his guitar I shouted,

"We need to write a BOOK today.  NOT a song.
Well...what I mean is we need our
SONG to be a BOOK."

He listened to me go on and on with my sales pitch about how the message of "Dare To Be Me" was one that was NEEDED.  In my 10 years of being a kindergarten teacher, the need for positive and empowering social-emotional messages is needed NOW more than EVER.  
Nathan agreed. 

 And so...we wrote the book.

by the way...You are perfect.
Just the way you are.
Dare to be your own kind of amazing.

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