Jingle Jangle is Just in Time to Top Your Holiday Playlist Favorites

Jingle-jangle is the perfect holiday tune to add to your holiday playlist.  This blog title pic has the jingle-jangle single cover with retro santa holding his bag of toys.

Jingle Jangle…hello? Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  Tornado Tuesday. They're ALL CALLING.

Ok, well that last one isn't a thing…that I KNOW of.  But that's how my email inbox FEELS.  I have spent more unnecessary cash on things I never knew I always needed.  Things keep arriving in the mail. Every time the dogs bark and the Amazon/FedEx/UPS/USPS driver waves and knocks…it's like Christmas morning coming early.

‘Tis the season. So I'll make this quick.

Happy Youtube Music (Well…And spotify/itunes/siriusxm/pandora)

ALL the Christmas tuneage. Bring it.

Last Christmas, I gave you my ________.

If you finished this with ‘heart’ – you and I are probably made of the same stuff.  The stuff that makes up the LOVERS OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC…..all the glorious tunes that tweak you into a blur of nostalgia.  I LOVE THEM.  SO…

Last Christmas, I gave you my  –



  • a potluck of holiday spirits
  • a casserole with all your favorite cheeses
  • a pizza with all of your choice toppings

Clearly, I'm hungry. 

Listen to it if you haven't – I think you might like it!  

Free Coloring Pages For Christmas – Printable!

Free coloring sheets for christmas – Jingle jangle style

Teachers! It's that time of year when you are all amped up and ready for break …er….I mean your KIDS are all amped up and ready for break! 😉 It's the time when try as you may to keep it together, your classroom is buzzing with excitement. In kindergarten we are frantically trying to do 1-on-1 assessments because we aren't quite ready to give a whole class assessment like older grades can.

So what do we do about it? WE COLOR. We get ourselves some great free coloring pages for Christmas (printable) and we have stashes of them ready to go. This year all of my kindergarteners celebrate Christmas, and a few celebrate Hanakkah as well. These free, cute coloring pages are snowman themed and they are all loving them.


Well, these aren't your everyday normal snow-people. These are snow-people are jammin' to some JINGLE JANGLE, of course! 😉

Although these pages are fun in kindergarten, I always print extra because they constantly ask to take extras home to their little brothers and sisters. I also have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders stop in to see if they can take a couple!


You know how some people are gifted and can make the BEST holiday cookies and cakes and pies? Baking is NOT my gift. I mean…I love to EAT said baked goods, I just can't MAKE them.

Instead, I make music. Happy, family-friendly songs that hopefully bring a smile, a dance move or two, and a singalong moment in the classroom, kitchen, or car. It is my holiday wish for you that you soak up the season and don't get to frazzled – rather stay dazzled by the lights and the magic that's still out there.

Oh…and of COURSE…JINGLE JANGLE all the way!

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