2 Simple Sight Word Games for Kindergarten – Get Tricky Words to STICK!

sight-word-games-for-kindergarten Blog Post title: picture of 9 sticky notes with kindergarten sight words written on them with tally marks

Have you ever taught sight words to five-year-olds? Have you experienced those SUPER TRICKY words that JUST WON'T STICK? Well….I have 2 super simple sight word games for kindergarten that you can do at home or in the classroom. All you need is some Post-its and a Sharpie – and you'll be SET! Trust me…for some reason, Post-it notes seem to engage five-year-olds more than regular notecards. I don't understand the magic – I've just witnessed it! 🙂


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Sight word games for kindergarten

This is my 10th year teaching kindergarten. A LOT has changed and is changing still. However, the need for five-year-olds to practice kindergarten sight words is still holding strong. Some people call them ‘popcorn words', as they should ‘pop' into your mind as soon as you see them, leaving brain power for decodable words.

The trouble with sight words is that they can be SUPER tricky to learn – especially if a five-year-old's letter ID and sounds aren't solid yet. Never mind the fact that the majority of them don't follow rules anyway! So…what should you do about that? Do you wait? Do you expose them all at the same time?

This post isn't going to dive into all of my opinions and the research on that big question. But what I WILL do is share with you my best-kept secret for teaching sounds at a record-breaking pace. Read more here!

For now, let's assume you are ready for kindergarten sight word practice, and you just want some SIMPLE things you can do with NO prep, NO printing, and NO stress. Sound good? Good.

Let's do this.

sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-1 sticky notes with sight words written on them, hanging on a grid

kindergarten sight word practice

🤔 Do your kids need more practice with sight words but they (and YOU) kinda dread it?
😉 Maybe you’ve tried repetition, but it’s not “sticking”?
👏🏻 Maybe they need More FUN with it??

Here’s how:

  • Get Post-it notes
  • Get a Sharpie
  • Period. That's it for your set up. (Told you it was SIMPLE!)


sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-2 sticky note with hand writing 'was'
Want to see Sight Word Tag in action? Click here!
sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-3 Sticky notes with sight words on table, light switch, door handle, and soap dispenser
To watch this kindergarten sight word practice in action – click here!
sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-4 Sight words on sticky notes by door, light switch, soap dispenser, and table. All with child's hand "tagging" it
Kindergarten sight word practice in action – click here!

I know it looks too simple to work – but IT DOES! Each time we have a new sight word, I will write it on about 4-5 Post-it notes. The hands shoot up to volunteer to be the ‘STICKER‘. The ‘STICKER' gets to take the new sight word and switch out the previous word.

I love putting one by the light switch, and each of them has to tag it and say it whenever they leave or enter the classroom. When we go to lunch – you'll hear 20 little voices saying the new word! 🙂

It is so much fun to have that quiet independent working sound – you know the one that all teachers work towards. Imagine that piece of heaven, then all of a sudden from across the room, a slight tap or slap will sound, and a sight word will chirp out…but everybody just keeps right on working! It's WONDERFUL!

TIP: Be sure to model and set expectations up when you start. This COULD go very sideways – but not with explicit directions and parameters in place!


Sight word stacks are great for review. By the end of the 1st quarter, my kids should have 36 sight words learned. We give them 4 new words each week. We do this for every quarter, so you can imagine the snowball effect that happens if they don't keep up.

I've found this is a super-effective and fun way for some extra review. I have a large number of kids who take to sight words easily, and some who come into kindergarten already knowing a large amount. They have even asked me to make a review stack for them that they can work with at home.

Here's how:

  • Get Post-it notes
  • Get a Sharpie
  • Period. That's IT for your setup. (SEE? I TOLD you it was EASY!!)
sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-5 Sight word on sticky note pad with "said" on it
Check out this sight word game for kindergarten!
sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-6 Two sticky notes with sight words and tallies
Check out this kindergarten sight word practice in action!
sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-7 Sticky notes with "stumper sticky stack" written on it
See this kindergarten sight word practice game in action!
sight-word-games-for-kindergarten-8 sticky notes hanging on a grid - sight words are on sticky notes
Check out my favorite collection of Post-Its here!

My kids who need that extra boost of review absolutely love getting to add a different colored tally each time they get a word right—the more tallies they get the more they beam! Check out this video to see how it works if you want a bit more detail.

So there you have it! 2 super simple sight word games for kindergarten that will work wonderfully in the classroom OR at home. The same games work great for letters and numbers too! Try it out, and let me know what you think!

If you are thinking that there's no way your kids could handle tagging words all over your kindergarten classroom without getting out of hand – then you should read this blog post about my favorite kindergarten classroom management tips!

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  1. Dana Sills says:

    Kaci thank you so much. My granddaughter is having trouble with sight words and I am going to try this with her.

    Love reading your blogs.

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