Need Easy Ideas For Teachers Costumes For Halloween Or Book Character Day?

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So…you need EASY ideas for teachers' costumes for Halloween or book character day. I hear ya! If you love to dress up but aren't the craftiest person on the block – I'm here to help. OR…Maybe you ARE crafty but just don't have the time this year. Friend, look no further. In my 10 years of teaching kindergarten, I have stumbled upon some favorite and easy costumes for teachers and teacher groups that you may have in your closet already. And if not – Amazon Prime, baby! Happy spooky season!

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Teachers Costumes – Where to Start?

There are so many great ideas out there – where do you even begin?

I am guilty of searching for one thing on Pinterest and then an hour later I've somehow started watching videos where someone takes vegetables and turns them into cute little animals. (SQUIRREL!) Then a few minutes later I'm looking at how to style a leather jacket with skirts (SQUIRREL!) only to fall down the rabbit hole of searching out wallpaper patterns for the guest bathroom of the house I may one day have (SQUIRREL!) Wait…what was I saying…


I don't only have this *Squirrel!* problem virtually. If I walk into a Target – I walk out with 75 things I never knew I always needed and usually do NOT have the original item I went in for. I KNOW YOU DO IT TOO! I see you…barely even making it past the dollar spot before you blew that $25 gift card a parent gave you for supplies. Uh-huh. Busted.

So, what does one do when searching for teachers' costumes for Halloween, book character day, or dress-up days in general? Give yourself some guidelines to help narrow the search. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you looking for just yourself or for a group of teachers?
  2. Are you looking to win the prize for the best costume, ready to go ALL IN, or just need a quick win that doesn't break your budget or suck up your time?
  3. Does your school have a theme you could use for inspiration?
  4. What do you already have in your closet – or do you know someone who happens to have a stash of onesies they are happy to loan to you? (Wait…that's me. I've loaned out my onesies to accommodate the needs of many a teacher…ALWAYS keep our onesies for emergencies.

Still not sure? Let's break these questions down a bit further.

Is this a solo costume or for a Group of teachers?

Solo or with a group? There are definitely pros and cons to each. If you go solo, you are free as the wind to choose whatever your heart desires, but you are also on your own in terms of creativity and execution. If you are in a group, there is always that sometimes tricky, “is everyone on the same page” factor – but I've found that I've had the most fun when dressed with my teammates.

Let's talk solo first. I've gone both routes of just jumping in and spending a little bit for a really fun costume, and I've also headed straight to my own closet or a friend's closet to put together something for nothing. Goodwill and thrifting are also a lot of fun – but if time isn't on your side, here are some options for you.

Ideas for solo teacher costumes



These ideas are super simple and make easy costumes for teachers for Halloween or dress-up days.

  • Runner/Fitness Guru: You'll need some sort of sweat suit, jumpsuit, tracksuit, etc. Accessorize with headbands, knee socks, wristbands, etc. I have had this red, white, and blue sweatband for years now, and it just keeps getting pulled out for various reasons!
  • Taco: My friend, Ella came dressed as a taco, and the kids ate it up! (ba-dump-bum – CHING!) When in doubt, jump onto Amazon and pick out your favorite food. These costumes are usually not the sturdiest but will do in a pinch, the kids love them, and all you need to do is slip them on over dark pants/tights and a black long-sleeve top for the best effect.
  • Doctor: Know a doctor? Borrow their scrubs, and you'll be ready to go! Just wash and return – talk about cost-effectiveness!
  • National Park Tour Guide/Tourist: Gather up any hiking or camping-type gear and turn yourself into a tourist! I have a Yellowstone t-shirt someone bought for me before we took a trip there, and paired it with khaki shorts, knee-high hiking socks, hiking boots, and one of my husband's fishing vests. Add a straw hat if you have one, or put a camera around your neck and carry a bunch of folded-up brochures/maps. You could easily tweak this to become a camp counselor!

Ideas for A Group of teachers' costumes


Teachers' costumes for HalloweenI love dressing up with my team! One year I was on a team of 6. We each dressed as a different color crayon to go along with the book, “The Day the Crayons Quit”. I can't find that picture but will not give up looking!

  • ONESIES – My current kindergarten team of 3 found these unicorn onesies and the kids just couldn't get enough of them! They have definitely been borrowed, used on pajama days, and loaned out to teachers who need a quick solo costume idea. I also have a lion, a tiger, and a reindeer!
  • 90s DJs or Music Stars – We found these hats, jackets, and gold bling for a school-wide Rock Star day and have used and re-used them for various days since. (Although, the most recent time I wore this on SuperStar day, one of my kindergarteners asked me if I was Scrooge McDuck from Ducktails. HA! I guess because of the $?)
  • A BUNCH OF CARDS – This picture is actually my husband and his best friend – but it would work great for a teacher team! The King, Queen, and Joker are pictured – but you could add the Ace, the Jack, etc.

Do you have a school theme to use for inspiration?

My school votes on a new theme for the upcoming year. All of our door decorations, t-shirts, and school-wide events try to include some aspect of the theme. It's a whole lot of fun, and the kids LOVE it. This year our theme is “Under the Sea”, and my team has something we are working on for the big costume parade.


Do You Have a Teacher Bestie? Need a costume that works for 2?

Finding those perfect teachers' costumes for Halloween can be tricky – especially if you're a dynamic duo! My 90's music-loving teammate and BFF wanted to see a local band called, Fly2k. They are incredible and play pop, R&B, rap, etc from the 90s. I could NOT let my girl down. We had almost everything in our closets. (Flannels, jeans, concert t-shirt) She bought me a $10 wig from Party City that needed a trim.

TIP: Don't place a $10 wig on a bowl and then try to trim free-handed with kitchen scissors. There's a better way. 😉

Well…what do ya think? Pretty uncanny, right? I even flipped my lip up…though that didn't last past a pic. For a glimpse into the madness, watch this.

created by InCollage

There ya have it! Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration to go raid your closet or check out any of the links from the ideas I shared. I know there are oh, so many wonderfully creative and carefully crafted costumes out there and I LOVE to see them. I would LOVE to wear them! But if you find yourself in a pinch, use these ideas and have FUN!

Since you may just be in the mood for all the fall things – you may just find this right up your alley!

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