Looking For a Fun, New Song For Fall? You Found It! “Happy Fall Y’all!”

song-for-fall-happy-fall-y'all Cover art for Kids and family song, "Happy Fall Y'all" - with three happy and cute ghosts

It's no secret – I love FALL MOST OF ALL! Since that is the case – I decided to write a new SONG FOR FALL! We're talking Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, and pumpkin spice…Everything is wrapped up nicely in this fun, family, and kid-friendly song for fall! Happy Fall Y'all!

Why a Song For Fall?

Maybe it's my hair. If I was a Spice Girl, my name would be PUMPKIN SPICE.

My kindergarteners tell me my hair is like “fire.” A little bit of red, orange, and yellow all mixed up. They aren't wrong. And fire makes me think of…s'mores.

When my mom was in her 30s, I remember her having a few ladies over to our house for a little event. I am guessing it was similar to a Mary Kay party. Instead of make-up, the hostess would go through holding up all of these color swatches around your face as you looked in the makeup mirror. After she was finished with her “consult” – she'd tell you your season.

My mom? Autumn. Me? Autumn. Otherwise known as…FALL.

I mean – a song for fall wouldn't have the same ring to it if it were “Happy Autumn Y'all!”

Happy Fall Y'all!

I searched my photos on my phone – using “October.” WOW. PROOF I looove this season!!

I searched again – this time using “November.” WOW. PROOF yet again!!

Try it out yourself. Let me know what you find! I KNOW you have tons of pictures of your adorable kids trick-or-treating. What was your all-time favorite costume for you, for your kids, or even as a group of friends, teachers, or family? The number of pumpkin pictures I had were…probably illegal. I'm definitely over the limit.

Here are a few that popped up:

  • My mini pumpkin from Papa's Produce in Murray, Kentucky. It's my hometown, and my mom picks pumpkins for every kindergartener in my class EVERY year I've taught. They call her “Kindergrand.”
  • Pumpkins at Dollywood – one of my favorite places EVER in October
  • This is in Salem, MA – ON HALLOWEEN!! Talk about a day I'll never forget!! The “Hocus Pocus” house – AND The Sanderson Sisters! 😉
  • Here in Nashville, TN, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens always has a great display – and a house made of pumpkins!
  • My birthday is in November – as well as 2 of my nephews and my mom's – so birthday cake and turkey have always gone together like salt & pepper for me!
  • I got married in November too! We decorated with…you guessed it! PUMPKINS & WHEAT!

So WITHOUT FURTHER ADO…I present to you your new song for fall!

Happy Fall Y'all! Free Coloring Pages

Now that you have a new tune on your songs for fall playlist – guess what? You have FREE COLORING PAGES!

That's right! I've created 7 new Happy Fall Y'all printables for you – all you have to do is click and download! I tried them out with my kindergarteners first – and oh boy, did they oooo and aaaahhh Here's a sampling of what you'll find:

You're all set! New song and new coloring sheets. The only thing left is to answer the question that can spark a debate quicker than a dry log on a bonfire…

To PUMPKIN SPICE – or NOT to PUMPKIN SPICE? THAT is the question I'd like you to answer below! 😉


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