10 Desk Pet Free Printables: Make an “All About My Desk Pet” Booklet

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I think I might invest in a GoPro camera I can constantly wear every day in kindergarten. Yes, of course, it would be stylish. 😉 But besides that, it's the only way I could catch all of the brilliantly creative things my kids say about their desk pets. However, until that purchase is made, these desk pet free printables might be the next best thing.

It's at this point in the year when my kids really start to excel with kindergarten creative writing prompts, and what better topic for them to write about than their desk pets? We've completed their “All About Me” weeks – and it's time to start learning about the thing they think about non-stop.


You may be thinking…slow your roll there, Kaci. How can my student write about a desk pet – if they have no desk pet?

Well…you have a very valid point there. And might I suggest that you look into possibly implementing this amazing classroom incentive that is not only fun in kindergarten but for 1st-4th too? I just read a comment on an IG post I made, and they said their 6th graders loved desk pets! Might I suggest starting here:

Mini pet erasers called desk petswhat-is-a-desk-pet-6


There are so many GREAT desk pet ideas floating around out there. I have a pet shop where they can shop each Friday. Our pets live in a “pet parking lot” overnight and when we need a break. We even spend the last full day together in May turning our classroom into….”PET TOWN”. The best desk pet ideas, however, come from the imaginations of the pet owners.

I created these desk pet free printables to help capture all of the fun stories and things that they tell me about their pets. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they make up an entire backstory about these little erasers – and it's precious. I have 1st and 2nd graders stop by in the mornings and say things like, “Remember when my whale BLUEY had a playdate with SHELL, and WATER-SPRAY the elephant got mad? That was hilarious.”

You see, I actually do remember. And I remember when Love the horse hogged all of the popcorn at the lunch bunch movie and when Mr. Penguin lost his nose, and the polar bear brothers found it. I remember, but I forget to fill parents in on all the details. I thought it would be fun to try to capture a bit of the desk pet details while they are fresh.

what-is-a-desk-pet Dotted lines and single lines for the prompt "When I first met my desk pet"
All 10 kindergarten writing prompt paper comes with dotted lines. AND – all 10 writing prompts also come in single lines too! So it's perfect for 1st-4th too!
free-kindergarten-writing-prompts-pdf "My desk pet's name" and "my desk pet is a...."
So much fun in kindergarten with endless desk pet ideas!
kindergarten-writing-prompt-paper "My desk pet's best friend is" and "My desk pet's favorite food is"
These desk pet free printables don't have to be used as a booklet – simple print what you wish!
kindergarten-creative-writing-prompts "My desk pet's favorite thing to do is"
There are so many desk pet ideas for what to keep in a pet shop. My kids LOVE the “hobby” erasers! Watching them do things like “bowling” with their pets is so cute!
"My favorite thing about my desk pet's home is" and "when I'm not at school my desk pet"
Desk pet homes become quite the creative space! Fur rugs, blankets, makeup sponge bean bag chairs…possibilities are endless!
"this is me and my desk pet" writing prompt
What is a desk pet? It's kindergarten fun and the best classroom incentive!

If you still aren't sure about how desk pets can help with your classroom management, how they can teach responsibility, and how they can be something your kids will treasure and remember, then check out this blog post that will fill you in!

teaching-responsibility-with-desk-pets School desk with tiny desk pet on it: Blog Post Title "How-teaching-responsibility-in-kindergarten-is-a-cinch-with-desk-pets"
If you want to read more about desk pets – try this!

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