How Can Easter Eggs Free Printables Turn Kindergarten Chaos Into Classroom Calm?

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Can Easter eggs free printables really turn kindergarten chaos into some classroom calm? You betcha. Do your kids have spring fever? Yep. Mine too. And, to be fair…I think I may have it worse than my kindergarteners! During this last stretch of the year, I like to pump up the volume on some unexpected fun – and get some classroom management back under control as a bonus!

Ok, great. But seriously…HOW do free printable easter eggs coloring pages manage to do ALL of this? Well, I'm so happy you asked! Let me do a little show and tell for you. I tried out something new last year that I fell in love with. (Thank you to my hometown friend, Christi Clark for sending me this idea starter!) I took the idea and shook it up a bit, then added my own spin to it.

So, take a look at this, and then feel free to shake it and make it your own! (OR – do it just like this – print my free download – and call it a day!) Some days I like to just follow someone else's lead and binge Netflix instead. 😉 )

Kindergarten Fun Activities

My kids were getting “scrambly” last year. They were losing control of their limbs and flailing around like those wind socks you see in front of oil change places. It was…a bit like that description you've heard about kindergarten: I was herding kittens. I was sent the idea to place a paper egg on a chair, and then if the kids sat on it, like a mama bird on her nest, the egg would ‘hatch'. Into what? A peep.

I thought it was BRILLIANT.

Now, let me be VERY CLEAR. After posting a reel on Instagram last year, I got hundreds of positive comments from folks who had the same reaction as I did. BRILLIANT.

Then…I got one of those dreaded comments saying, “Wow. You actually want to make 5-year-olds sit still? This isn't good for them. They need to be free, etc., etc.”

I responded (my first mistake) and shared that of course, my kids didn't “SIT” all day in a chair. If you watched any of the other videos from my classroom, you would see that they are moving ALL around ALL day long – and allowed to stand when doing work at their table if that's what they choose.

Nope. This keyboard warrior wanted to argue. I went silent. I ain't got time for that.

That same video reel? I just posted it on TikTok this year, and again…tons of “OH MY WORD THIS IS GREAT” and “WE DO THIS EVERY YEAR!!” comments. And then…wait for it…

“So – you are tricking five-year-olds into sitting. cool.”

I responded (my second mistake) and shared that, that wasn't probable and not even my plan…more for fun. I even included a winking emoji. 😉

Nope. This keyboard warrior wanted to argue. I went silent. I ain't got time for that.

PSA: If you are not a pre-K, kindergarten, or 1st-4th teacher, please come and spend a day and walk in our teacher's shoes. Just one whole day. Then you may comment about how my SEATSTER EGGS are of the devil. 😉

(Actually…I quite like deviled eggs.  Deviled eggs are delicious.)  

This was my original post on IG:

description from IG

Free Printable Easter Eggs Coloring Pages

Kindergarten teacher talking to her class
kindergarten class
kindergarten kids saying, "But the egg is only paper!"

As you can see here, I called my kinders to me. They each had their cut-out decorated paper egg with them. I told them – in a near whisper – that if they took care of it it would turn into…a BABY CHICK! (If you go to IG, I'm @kacibollskids. Watch this reel. Their giggles are PRICELESS.) Then, one naysayer said, “But…this is paper.” He quickly had some gang members join him. And then…I asked the question that you can ask in kindergarten. (and pre-K, and 1st, and 2nd 😉 )

Kindergarten teacher asking her kids if they believe in the magic of kindergarten
kindergarten teacher and her class

“Do you not believe in the magic of kindergarten?” Again, the reel is pure magic in and of itself – because one little voice shouts out with no hesitation, “I DO!” Then…the choir of “ME TOOS!” rang out. Then I asked the question again. “Who believes in the magic of kindergarten?” The hands SHOT up.

teacher showing how to place the paper egg in the student's chair
kindergartener placing a seatster egg on her chair

Now for the fun part. I ask for a volunteer. They go to their chair – or their ‘home base' in the room where they keep their supplies and (deep breaths here….) sometimes, yes. They actually SIT. 😉 I ask them to put their egg on their seat, and I put a bit of clear packing tape on top. (I do suggest trying this out before you go wild with tape – to make sure it comes off easily.) The rest of the kids are huddled around wide-eyed and giggling.

I ask what a mother bird does to take care of her eggs in her nest. They look at me funny, then say, “Sit on it?” I wink at them, and with no direction, they plop down on their egg. The wild giggles take over from the rest of them, and I say, “who's next?” I'm not joking when I say that their hands shoot up and their voices go silent because they want to be chosen.

One at a time, we all go to each seat and repeat this process. They LOVE the idea of taking care of their egg. So, when they are choosing to sit with a lap desk on the carpet, or standing beside it, etc., they are keeping an eye on their egg. Let's give them an official name, shall we?


Fun in kindergarten

I introduce this to my kinders after our spring break. This falls roughly around mid-March. So, for example, tomorrow is March 21st, and we will decorate, cut out, and tape our SEATSTER EGGS down tomorrow. They will take care of them for roughly 2 weeks until our long weekend, which is the weekend when Easter falls. (This year it's April 9th)

Our kids don't have school the Thursday and Friday before the long weekend. So, on Wednesday before they are out for a couple of days, they will find….a little tiny yellow feather on their SEATSTER EGG. My work-wife/teacher bestie, Jenny, added this clever little touch, and OH. MY. GOODNESS do they LOVE it.

If you watch that reel on IG or TT, you will fall in love with their little voices – describing how they think it got there, that it's a sign of what's to come, etc. PRECIOUS. PRICELESS.

Do you have to do this step? Nope. Is it a joy-giver that's a simple set-up and worth it? Yep.

description from IG
description from IG

And….then after the long weekend, they come in on Monday morning to find their SEATSTER EGGS have hatched into….CHAIR CHICKS!

Now, as I shared before, I put my own little spin on what the eggs hatch into. These little wind-up chicks off of Amazon are the cutest things and last a whole lot longer than a peep! (Which – lasting longer might not be what you're going for!! ;))

Somewhere in those two weeks of taking care of their eggs, they started naming them. You now how all of their stuffed animals have names? Well…the eggs got named. And then – my student teacher and I decided to go on and name their chicks the same name as their eggs.

And – because I am a little extra at times – we NEEDED to do something with those little CHAIR CHICKS. So, my student teacher made a bracket a la March Madness and we held our first annual: CHAIR CHICK CHAMPIONSHIP. (Again…the reel on IG is…hilarious.)

We put all of the chicks into a basket, and I'd pull out 2 at a time for a race. We had a winner overall and a losers winner – they all cheered for each other's chicks, and it was an afternoon I don't think any of us will forget!

Is this part necessary? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.

wind-up baby chicks with nametags
CHAIR CHICKS! The 1st annual chair chick championship

So…you want to try this out? I want to make it easy for you! Download these free printable eggs, and just go for it! I even put in some tags if you'd like to add them to a wind-up chick. If you want to have your eggs hatch into peeps – super! Still, feel free to download these free eggs. (There are 2 sizes – I use the smaller ones, FYI. )

Comment below with any questions – or share your successes!! Ya know – I bet there's a way this could work at home too! 😉 Moms? Dads? Grandparents? Nannies? What do you think?

Easter Eggs Printable Coloring pages

funny teacher lady with oversized glasses asking if your child is ready for kindergarten
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