13 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Read Alouds: From Leprechauns to Irish Folklore

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My name is Kaci. Kaci SHANNON Bolls. (Actually, Kaci SHANNON Bolls Scott if you're really getting technical.) During the month of March, however, you may call me: Kaci O' Shannon. In my warped mind, I become one of the fringe background characters in every one of these 13 Lucky St. Patrick's Day read-alouds I've picked to share with you.

Every year I've added to my personal classroom library, stocking up on read-aloud leprechaun stories and St. Patrick's Day read-alouds full of rich characters like Tim O'Toole, Jamie O'Rourke, and Fin M'Coul. You can't leave out the silly favorites, such as that old lady who keeps swallowing rainbows and pots of gold or that gingerbread man who has managed to interact with a leprechaun.

From leprechauns to Irish folklore, These St. Patrick's Day read-alouds will surely bring more than a wee bit o' fun to your classroom and home!

St. Patrick's Read Alouds: Irish Folklore

1. Jamie O'Rourke and the big potato

By tomie depaola

jamie-o-rourke and the Big Potato book cover

2. Jamie O'Rourke and the pooka

By tomie depaola

jamie-o-rourke and the Pooka book cover

3. Fin M'Coul – The giant of knockmany hill

By tomie depaola

fin-mccoul Book cover

4. Tim O'toole and the wee folk

By gerald mcdermott

tim-o-toole-and-the-wee-folk book cover

5. fiona's luck

By teresa bateman

fiona's luck book cover

6. The Irish cinderlad

By shirley climo

the irish cinderlad book cover

Read Aloud Leprechaun Stories

7. the leprechaun's gold

By Pamela duncan edwards and henry cole

the leprechaun's gold book cover

8. The luckiest st. patrick's day ever!

By Teddy Slater

the-luckiest-st-patricks-day-ever book cover

Read Alouds for March

9. My lucky day

By Keiko Kasza

My Lucky Day Book cover

10. there was an old lady who swallowed a clover

By Lucille Colandro

the old lady who swallowed a clover book cover

11. the gingerbread man and the leprechaun loose at school

By Laura murray

read-aloud-leprechaun-stories The gingerbread man and the leprechaun book cover

St. Patrick's Day Read Alouds: Informational

12. st. patrick's day

By Gail Gibbons

st.-patricks-day-by-gail-gibbons book cover

13. Tales from Old ireland

By malachy doyle

tales from old ireland book cover

I personally like to help my kindergarteners welcome a leprechaun visit rather than try to trap it. You can read all about that here! However, we still love to read the books about how to trap a leprechaun, and some of them like to do it at home. Here is one of our favorites:

How to trap a leprechaun

By Sue Fliess

leprechaun-visit: kids sliding down a rainbow - book cover to trap a leprechaun

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