It’s Almost Springtime for Kindergarten! 9 Lucky Pages to Watch Their Writing Bloom!

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Ahhh…springtime for kindergarten. Such a WONDERFUL time of the year! This is the point in the year where all of the hard work starts to show up and show out – much like all the blooms I'm seeing outside. Now, the plants are getting ahead of themselves with the wacky weather we've had. But the kinders – they are right on schedule!

I've always loved March. The Irish in me is all about four-leaf clovers, lucky horseshoes, and of course Lucky Charms! So, I created some March writing prompts for kindergarten (great for 1st and 2nd too!) with some fun spring themed writing paper for free writes too. I find that at this point in the year, their writing can get so creative as they are finally able to sound out words and get their thoughts on paper. Just download, print, and get ready for springtime for kindergarten!

Kindergarten writing prompts for march

march-writing-prompts-for-kindergarten 2 different writing prompts with sample paper
I love these fun writing ideas for kindergarten – they come up with some great ideas!

One thing to note about these kindergarten writing prompts for March is that they aren't just for kindergarten! These would be perfect for first and second grade too. Each prompt has a version with dotted lines and regular lines.

kindergarten-march-writing-prompts 2 styles of writing paper - with a pot of gold and a leprechaun
March writing topics always create fun spring writing ideas.

One of my favorite spring writing ideas involves a leprechaun visit. I know a lot of kids like to come up with traps – but my classroom decided a few years ago that they'd rather ‘welcome' a leprechaun, so maybe they wouldn't play so many tricks on them! We write letters to the leprechaun instead, and sometimes they use the prompt, “If I had a leprechaun…” to tell them how they would be welcome and treated kindly!

kindergarten-writing-prompts-for-march 4-leaf clover writing paper
Free spring writing prompts for kindergarten – Now, that's a lucky find!
If you are needing ideas for your classroom community – check this out!


march-writing-paper samples of writing paper with a horseshoe and a pot of gold
March-themed writing paper comes in 4 styles, all with both dotted lines and single lines

I love to have spring-themed writing paper on hand for all of the March writing activities that come up. I encourage them to write little stories, letters to friends and family, letters to our classroom fairy, or our gnome named…Gnomey. (Honestly…there's quite the soap opera with the magical characters that live in our room! Hey- it keeps the creativity flowing!)

free-printable-spring-writing-paper 2 different styles of writing paper with a four-leaf clover and some gold coins
Free printable spring writing paper – get creative with your March writing activities!

I hope you get a LOT of use out of these prompts and pages and get some spring writing ideas that may be new to you! If you can think of a prompt you'd like to see that I don't have, send me an email at or leave a comment below and I'll happily create it and add it to the pack! Be sure to tag me on any creations you post on your socials at #kacibollskids or email to me to take a peek. Happy writing!

Fun writing ideas for Kindergarten -Second grade

kaci-bolls-kids Cover for 9 styles of March writing prompts and papers
Springtime for kindergarten! Get 5 kindergarten writing prompts for March, and 4 styles of March themed writing paper. ALL come with both dotted and single lines for K-2.

Interested in creating a fun springtime bulletin board? Check these out!

I love these sensory bin ideas for younger siblings too!

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