Do Valentine’s Free Printables Sound Sweet To You? Then Say, “Be Mine!”

Valentine's-free-printables Happy teacher holding emoji with heart eyes, smiling in heart shaped sunglasses.

Awww, the month of LOVE. Valentine's Day is my mother's favorite holiday, so it naturally holds a special place in my heart too! I have a new single out called Giving It Away (if you haven't heard it yet – WHY are you waiting??), and I thought it would be fitting to create some Valentine's free printables to…Give Away! Get it? 😉

Well, what's included in this Valentine free printable pack? Glad you asked! You'll find free Valentine color pages, writing pages great for K-4, and Valentine printable tags and notecards too! So go on and scroll through this preview, then get to downloading and printing to your heart's content!

Speaking of the month of love, I created a special FAMILY and CLASSROOM-FRIENDLY playlist full of 50 songs that make a bad mood take a back seat! Get ready to dance and sing along with some tunes you already know and some that are likely new to you!


Giving It Away

My friend, Nathan Meckel, and I wrote this song without specifically planning on it being for Valentine's Day. The idea of the song is that there are so many unanswered questions in the world, but one thing that is for certain is that LOVE is the answer. LOVE makes the world go around. Happiness is made…by giving it away. I truly believe it!

I put a question out there on Instagram asking my community to finish the statement: Happiness is______.

To read their awesome answers, click here.

Fun Fact: The little voice you hear at the beginning of the song and the kids' voices at the end are my current class of kindergarteners! Captured with my cell phone and somehow wrangled by Nathan and the amazing mix magic of Mark Niemiec.

Valentine's Free Printables

If you are a teacher or have been one in the past – tell me if you relate to this: You have grandiose plans and dreams of the cutest craftivity for your kids that not only is fun and artistic but stretches their academic skills in a way that makes your principal immediately call off all further observations because of how you just NAILED IT!

NO? Just ME?? Ok, well, I DO know for a fact that even if you aren't a pie-in-the-sky dreamer like me, you have found yourself either short on prep time, caught in a crunch where you need something for your kids to do while you put out whatever fire is currently raging, or just want to reward your kids or fast-finishers with something they love to do. Enter: Free Valentine Color Pages. Whew.

Free Valentine Color Pages

free-valentine-coloring-pages-printable "love" and heart eye emoji with headphones
This FREEBIE pack has 7 different coloring page options – not JUST for Valentine's Day! Inspired by “Giving It Away”

Ok, but now you are faced with the task that you NEED them to be writing. You know they WANT to be coloring and just being free and creative – but you NEED them to be practicing those finger spaces, sounding words out, using complete sentences…ALL the things.

Again – I got you covered. Enter: Free Lined Writing Pages.

Free Valentine Lined Writing Pages

valentines-free-printables-writing paper with dotted lines. Love is... prompt
I use this dotted line for kindergarten. There are five different styles, each style comes with both versions of lines.
valentines-free-printables-lined-writing-paper with heart and Love and be happy
This lined version would be great for 1st and 2nd. (even 3rd and 4th!)

Now you find yourself on February 13th. You had wonderful intentions of creating cute little crafty tags for each of your honeys. But alas, it is getting later, and you are brain-drained. I got you. Print off the version of these tags that come 8 to a page. Print on colored or white cardstock, sign your name, stick that tag on a ring pop, and voilá. Happiness is made.

Valentine Printable Tags

valentine-printable-tags Happiness is made by giving it away - song quote with little valentine icons
These cards come in eight styles and three different sizes. You could use the notecard size to send HAPPY NOTES home. Print on cardstock and have at the ready!


Before I sent this out into the world, I wanted to give a little test drive to two of my former kindergarten kids and two of my current kindergartners. Both are sisters. ALL four girls love to color, draw, write, and I'm almost positive that all four of them have better handwriting than I do!

I love the note to the tooth fairy! Mom said that the black squares were to let me know she included the finger spaces! (ha!! note to self: now teach that spaces are full of … ‘space.' 😉 ) The notes to the pets in the middle picture are the sweetest, and of course, the coloring and drawings slay me.

Thank you to these girls and their mamas for helping me out! I can't wait to see what the rest of my kindergarteners come up with.

free-valentine-color-pages a "love" on a laptop coloring page and a love letter to the tooth fairy
free-valentine-coloring-pages-printable 2 coloring sheets from kids and 2 writing pages - a valentine to their pets
free-printable-valentine-day-coloring-pages 2 sisters coloring at a kids table

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