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Raise your hand out there if you LOVE to color?! It doesn't matter how old you are, there's just something special about seeing a brand new box of crayons and a fresh coloring sheet. And…speaking of coloring, FREE SHEETS are available to download, print, and save RIGHT HERE!

The extra cool thing is – each set of coloring sheets is inspired by one of my kids' songs! So crank up that Happy YouTube Playlist – and get your color on too! (Also cool…there are multiple versions to choose from – from simple to more complex. So you can color alongside your kiddo too!)


Psst! Yes, you! You know those precious preschoolers you are about to print some coloring sheets for? They will be heading to kindergarten sooner than you know – so what do YOU need to know before they go?

Oh! And YOU! The PreK teacher who has parents asking you all about what to expect – here ya go! Just head over and download my free PDF! I'll answer all the questions they never even thought to ask!

Now…back to coloring!

Free Coloring Sheets – Print for school and home

I always have coloring sheets on hand in my kindergarten classroom. I usually print one style, and then after a few weeks I'll surprise them with a different one. And – these are not just for kindergarten kids! Not a ALL!

I have had 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders stop by and ask if I have an extra copy they can take. (My answer is always – YES!) They anticipate the new style as well!

In my own classroom, when do I use them, and what do I use them for?

  • For my fast finishers – I've got kids who work quickly, and as long as their work is accurate and neat – they can move onto one of these as a choice
  • If we have indoor recess or brain break – this is an activity choice
  • For a few minutes of calming activity
  • Fine motor skill practice!
  • A lot of times they will work on one sheet for days, being as careful a possible – and then will take their masterpiece home for someone special

At home, when could they be used?

Way back in the day when I was a nanny – we LOVED to color! The little girl was 4, and we would sometimes each do our own page – or sometimes work together! So, babysitters – take note! Put the devices down and spend some quality time with these kids! (Parents – if you have a babysitter coming, print some out and tell them (and your kids) that you can't wait to see what they create!)

  • For some off-device time
  • I have some styles that tweens and grown-ups prefer – and others for the younger kids, so you can have some family time…chat while you color!

Ready to get Coloring? Free Sheets HERE!

pictures to color for adults and their kids too!

My kids LOVE the song “Coconut!” It's a kooky, fun tune that my PE teacher plays during their warm-up daily! My kindergartners absolutely love this cute little guy (see below) – and they not only color, but cut him out along with all of his fruity friends!

In this set, there's also a finish-the-picture, a dot-to-dot, and an adult coloring sheet so you can have fun too! For more info on “Coconut” and other songs with positive messages – check out this post!

The Power of a new box of crayons

All this talk of coloring made me think of something that happened right at the start of this school year – TOTALLY UNEXPECTED and OUT OF THE BLUE. Here's what happened:

I’m not gonna lie. The UPS, FedEx, and Amazon drivers are like family to me now.
However, yesterday a package arrived and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I had ordered, that sounded a little bit like a jigsaw puzzle when I shook it. To my surprise, a college friend of mine sent me a classroom set of @crayola crayons…JUST BECAUSE. When I messaged her with all caps and crying emojis…her response:

“For the fall. Just wanted you to have something special. You are molding the future in such a fantastic way.”

🖍 Never underestimate the power of a new box of crayons.
💕 Never underestimate the power of a kind, unexpected gesture.
🍎 Never underestimate how much a teacher loves some fresh school supplies.

Back to school just got a little brighter! I say we start a movement—pick a teacher you know. Send them a class set of crayons. I promise you—-you will light their heart up!

Xo Thank you for thinking of me Joyce 💕

WHAT SONG SHOULD GET It's Own Coloring Sheet Set next?

Ok, before you go and download some awesome coloring sheets and get inspired to send some crayons to some unexpected someone – it's time to vote! Which song should get it's own coloring sheet set next? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to tag me on IG with all of your finished masterpieces! @kacibollskids #kacibollskids

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