My Favorite 100 Days of Kindergarten Project (And 10 More Awesome Ideas!)

Blog post title and pic of a kindergarten teacher holding up her hands to make 2 zeros over her eyes like spectacles.  There is a '1' added on with graphics to make a '100'.  The blog is about 100-days-of-kindergarten-project and 10 more ideas for the 100th day of school in kindergarten

My favorite 100 days of kindergarten project has been a winner year after year. It's a tough call, honestly, as there are SO many fun 100th day activities for kindergarten! I'll just go on and let the cat out of the bag here and now. Our kindergarten 100th day shirts are THE BEST THING EVER on that oh, so special day!

Not to worry, I'm going to share a SLEW of 100th day shirt ideas with you, as well as 10 more bonus ideas. And you're going to get a BIG surprise, as I am not just going to share these ideas with you. Nope!

I'm going to GIVE these ideas to you AND the stuff you need to make these ideas a reality.

kindergarten teacher looking like she's in shock - not sure what to do with the 100th day.  wearing 100 day headband
You teach kindergarten? You know this look. It's the look of someone who is overwhelmed getting everything in order for the big 100th day of kindergarten.
I got you, boo.

I've spent every year with my team trying to wrangle up what we've used in the past, creating a Hodge podge of fun for the 100th day. Some things work, and some things don't. But this pack of goodies I've created for you is my spin on the things we love the most. ALL IN ONE PLACE.


  • you are a new teacher – consider this my big-sisterly gift to you.
  • you are a new-to-KINDERGARTEN teacher – consider this my in-the-trenches-with-you-I-see-you-you-brave-soul gift to you.
  • you have been teaching kindergarten for a while and just want a fresh take on 100 day ideas, kindergarten style – well, here ya go, my friend.

100 Days of Kindergarten project

I've taught kindergarten for 10 years. For the first 3 years I taught, the teachers and the kids all dressed up like we were 100 years old. Walkers, canes, wigs with rollers…the whole 9 yards! It was a sight to behold, FOR SURE, and most of us enjoyed it.

However, I experienced a few unexpected things: A few kids were actually really scared of me and my team, all dressed up and cackling like crazy as we held walker races down the hall. 😉 I tried to explain it was just for fun, but they weren't having it. I also experienced quite a few kids who did NOT enjoy dressing up and getting wrinkles on their faces – it sort of freaked them out a bit. And then you had those who just didn't want to dress up, or their parents didn't want to mess with creating a ‘look.' Totally respect that.

On the flip side, I had kids who LOVED dressing up and insisted on walking with a cane at turtle speed – EVERYWHERE we went. The final straw for me was watching the canes become swords. When one five-year-old's bald wig was knocked off, and another's dentures flew out (ok – I think I may have dreamed that part!), I decided to bring another idea to the table.

We are getting ready to start our 6th year with this alternative 100 day kindergarten project, and we have received RAVE reviews from kids, parents, and even the staff at our school, who LOVE seeing all the creativity year after year.

100th Day Shirt Ideas

100 days brighter shirt with 100 stars
100 Days Brighter
100th day shirt with 100 pom pom balls as gumballs
Blowing Away 100 Days of School
100th day shirt 100 googly eyes
I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me…

This 100 days of kindergarten project is SUPER simple to set up. We send the parents a letter home about 2-3 weeks before the big day. The letter is full of helpful hints! I've attached a sample letter in the 100-day bundle that I'd like for you to feel welcome to use as is – or use it as a template and tweak it to meet any specific needs you have.

This letter should pretty much fill YOU in on how it works, too – it's THAT easy. If you choose to use this letter, all you have to do is write in the date and sign your name at the bottom! TAH-DAH!

100th day shirt -100 pennies
A penny a day – looking forward to May!
100th day shirt: 100 Pearls of Wisdom with pearls glued on
100 Pearls of Wisdom
100th day shirt - 100 stars
100 Days Brighter – space style


  • The lighter an item is, the easier it is to glue/attach to the shirt.
  • Using stickers? You better use a dab of hot glue too. Stickers DON'T stay on unless they have a bit of extra adhesive help.
  • Hot glue works wonders to keep heavier items secure
  • Fabric paint is excellent to use to adhere items
  • Don't have an old t-shirt? Turn an old t-shirt inside out!
100th day fashion show forms
Why they choose what they do – These are always the BEST. (This sheet is also included in the bundle)

Fun 100th day activities for kindergarten

We also have a FASHION SHOW on the 100th day. This is nothing fancy, just a low-key moment in our classroom together. I have them sit in two rows on either side of our carpet, creating a RUNWAY down the middle. I'll call each name, and then as they strut their stuff down the catwalk – I'll read from the half-sheet of paper they have filled out and returned from home. BONUS: Play some tunes! (I've got a great playlist for you too!)

They always love this, and I try to record it and post it for my parents on our private app for communication.

A Few More 100th Day Shirts Ideas

"have you HERD" - 100 elephants on kindergarten shirt
Have You HERD?
It's My 100th Day of Kindergarten shirt with writing
It's My 100th Day of Kindergarten!
100th day of kindergarten shirt with 100 cat stickers
I appreciate his commitment to cats. Front…
back of 100 day shirt with 100 cats
and back. 🙂
everything but the kitchen sink shirt for 100th day
Everything but the kitchen sink
100th day shirt - 10 rows of 10 painted dots
10 Rows of 10
100 smiley faces on 100 day shirt
Smileys and Stars
space-themed 100 day shirt
Space Invasion

100 Day Ideas – Kindergarten Style

In addition to the epic 100 day kindergarten project, I'm going to briefly touch on 10 more AWESOME ideas that I've found the kids really enjoy on the 100th day. To be honest, I used to be a bit more elaborate and go a bit more over the top.


Remember that? YYyeeeeahhhhh. OUCH. We had to figure out a way to make our 100th day of school a success THROUGH THE SCREEN. To five-year-olds.


One thing I learned through that ordeal in 2021 is that a lot of the things I thought the kids would miss out on…well…they didn't. We had to streamline and make it accessible enough for busy parents to receive a ziplock bag of items that were self-explanatory, easy to use, and that their kids could be successful with – WITHOUT a lot of hand-holding and finesse.

Then the next year, in 2022, we were back in school but masked up and had lots of restrictions. We went the streamlined route again and found extreme success. The moral of the two-year horror story I sometimes forget we lived through…kindergarteners will be happy if YOU deliver YOUR excitement. This doesn't mean that we can't or shouldn't have cute or fun things…it means it doesn't have to be HARD.

1. Print OR make a sign for a cute photo

100 days smarter sign in kindergarten
I've used this same sign for AT LEAST 6 years. Walgreens posterboard.
This sign you could print, laminate, or hot glue to a fan handle (large craft popsicle stick) and take an adorable pic! Click here to get this full-color version or a black-and-white version to print on Astro Bright cardstock.

I made this little sign and hang it inside our door frame every year. I grab a chair, have them stand on it, put their hands up in the air, and snap a pic. It's PRECIOUS. Then, I have them all gather at the doorway; I stand in the chair in the hall and look down on them, getting the sign, and have all of them put their hands up in their kindergarten 100th day shirts. EASY.

The little tassels? They actually came off of the ‘JUST MARRIED' getaway truck from my 2016 wedding! Repurpose people. Store things well. They will last.

2. “100 Days Brighter” sentence strip headbands (or gift tag, or…)

As you'll see further down the list, 100th day crowns are a staple in every kindergarten classroom. However, I have an alternative here for you. These little circle ‘buttons' could be used as the center of a sentence strip headband, or even as a gift tag. You could let them cut them out and glue onto a card to give to a friend or a teacher they love. How about punching a hole in them and have them be the centerpiece for their 100th day necklace, which you'll see on down the list. I've included a full color version, a black and white version, and version that they can color and design themselves.

two circles with "100 days brighter" in full color
Full color
Black and white version of two circles with 100 days brighter
Black and white to print on Astro Bright
100th-day-coloring-100-days brighter
Print and color

3. Coloring page

This one is easy and straightforward. I love to have something fun and easy for them to get started on as they walk in and unpack. I have them ready to go on their tables. They are going to be PUMPED for this day, full of jittery excitement, and this is a no-brainer 100 days kindergarten activity.

100th day worksheets for kindergarten should be fun and something they wouldn't do on a normal day. I love this picture search, which is a fun way to practice those 10 groups of 10!

5. Drawing 100 years old portrait

There are so many 100th day of kindergarten ideas, and this one is a fun one for sure. I've seen amazing writing craftivities that add cotton balls for hair, and I LOVE them. However, if you are in the streamlined mode due to any number of reasons, here's a simple alternative. (Yet another 100 day kindergarten project that can easily be executed!)

There are two versions, one can be printed and cut in half for a smaller self-portrait, and there is also a full-size. The half-size is likely the one I'll use because if you teach kindergarten, you are probably aware of the size in which the majority of them draw people and things. Let's just say – there's usually a lot of blank space. 😉

6. I would like to have 100…

This is definitely one of my favorites. I always love what kindergarteners have to say in regard to age, time, space, and distance…the kookier, the better, in my opinion. So, here's a chance to grab their sweet thoughts and have a little keepsake for parents. Print on Astro Bright paper, laminate for extra oomph, and you have a moment.

I LOVE to hear their answers! Hint: Pull them aside one-on-one to get their unedited, non-influenced thoughts. If you go whole group and happen to laugh at an answer, you might as well write the same thing on every one after that! I like their original ideas, and then we can share out if we have time. Click to get this – and the 100 day kindergarten project!

7. 100th Day Crafts for kindergarten

Ok, so this is NOT a fancy-pants craft. Let's just get that out of the way. It's an easy, quick, and creative way to provide an alternative to those who finish coloring faster than others or who would prefer cutting, building, and creating. I love to see what they come up with!

8. Kindergarten 100th day crowns

Ok, kindegarten 100th day crowns are a MUST. Period. I've included 3 different versions for you in the FREE download. All you have to do is print on paper or cardstock, glue onto a sentence strip, and then fit to their head and staple. (Well…don't staple TO their head. Staple the sentence strip.)

I have all of my favorite sentence strips, Astro Bright paper, etc. in my Amazon storefront, take a look and see what might need to grab!

9. 100 Day kindergarten necklaces

These are probably one of my favorite classic kindergarten creations for the 100th day. You'll need Fruit Loops, craft laces, (or yarn with scotch-taped ends for easy threading), and these mats and 10's markers!

I like to have them ‘map out' their plan on their mat, and reinforce the 10 groups of 10 in a fun way. Then, when it's time for them to start stringing them onto their necklace, I like to have them add a little oval that says whatever 10 they are on. Like a mile marker, if you will. The mat has a visual reminder for that extra piece of support. I have included 2 versions in the bundle!

little girl with completed 100th day fruit loop necklace
Finished product!
This is one of the mat options that is in the bundle. The little oval markers at the top are a visual aide for the actual full size ones that are on a separate page. They will lool like the ones shown in these pictures.
a completed 100 day fruit loop necklace on a boy with 100 hearts on his shirt

10. Kindergarten 100th day trailmix snack

This one's a winner. Period. I ask parents to bring in enough of the following items so that every child can have 10 each:

  • mini-marshmallows
  • popcorn
  • M&Ms
  • Skittles
  • Teddy Grahams
  • Goldfish
  • pretzel rods
  • gummy bears
  • chocolate chips
  • cheerios

They count out 10 of each item and place them on their snack mat. I make them get the entire snack counted out BEFORE they start eating. Whatever they have left, we put in little 100th day snack baggies to take home. (Remember those circles back up in #2? You could print those and staple onto a ziplock – or glue onto a paper sack for a super cute take-home baggie!

In the bundle, I have 3 snack-mat options for you to choose from. You can print on colored cardstock, laminate, and have them for many years to come.

Another option, get the extra-large construction paper, cut out 10 different colored circles, place around the edge, laminat, and voilá! As you can see from this picture, which is one of my all-time favorites of my work-wife's daughter, it's pretty exciting. 😉

100th day of kindergarten trail mix snack with little girl SUPER excited
This picture sums up the 100th day of kindergarten ideas pretty spectacularly! She's got the kindergarten 100th day shirt, the 100th day necklace, the crown, and the 100th day trailmix snack. I'd say she had a pretty great day!

100th day read aloud for kindergarten

In recent years there have been more and more 100th day books for kindergarten, and some of them are pretty good! I do have two favorites that I stick with: “Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day” by Joseph Slate, and “100th Day Worries” by Margery Cuyler. I like to read the “100th Day Worries” a day or two before our celebration, and give them a challenge to try to find 100 ‘somethings' at home that they could bring in to share. Not everyone takes the challenge – which is of course, fine. But the ones that do are usually pretty creative. You can find both of these books here.

And that just about sums it up! We have approximately 9 days to go until our 2023 celebration, and my kids are practically buzzing with excitement. I hope that the one-stop-shopping bundle of all the 100 day ideas kindergarten style will help streamline things for you.

And if you decide to go for the 100 days of kindergarten project t-shirt idea – I'd LOVE to see what your kids come up with! Parents – if you have an amazing idea – please drop it in the comments below! Happy 100th day my friends!

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